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October 1, 2018

The cheshirepolice.org website has been live for over 4 months now. In that time, nobody mentioned has contacted me to say that anything contained therein is untrue or inaccurate. I take that as close to conclusive proof that PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer are as crooked as I say, otherwise they surely would have instructed a solicitor to tell us to cease and desist or start an action against us for defamation. Will the Cheshire constabulary do anything about it? No, of course not – they are crooked from PCs at the bottom to the acting chief constable Janette MacCormick at the top, with the wholehearted support of the Police Crime Commissioner David Keane. Really, what sort of law enforcement organisation covers up for criminals in its ranks? It really takes the biscuit when their solicitor accuses ME, the victim of their criminality, of provoking them. Criminals blaming the victim.  What a despicable crew.

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Bored October 3, 2018 at 9:03 am

Have you ever thought that the police might prioritise tax payers money on more important things?


admin October 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

I have edited this comment because it went on in a childish and offensive fashion, indicating that the sender is likely with the police or else some jobsworth in a Cheshire Borough or County Council, misusing taxpayer’s time, money and equipment for his moronic behaviour.

First, note that it is anonymous. This is the action of a coward and certainly justifies my treating the rest of his comment with the contempt it deserves. Second, it is not a question of taxpayer’s money. If crooked PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer have been defamed, the Police Federation has funds to bring a claim against me, at no expense to the taxpayer. I was simply pointing out that the fact that nobody has told me that anything written is inaccurate or untrue and that nobody has taken any action, does tend to support my contention that the contents of this website are true and accurate, as I can demonstrate in court if necessary.

The cowardly anonymous author of this comment went on to misunderstand the purpose of this website. The true purpose may not be fully apparent while it is still under development, so I will re-state what we are about: Cautioning the public that the Cheshire constabulary does not investigate crimes committed by its members; that their professional standards department ignores the law and procedure in investigating complaints; To advise the public on how to make more effective complaints against the police and ensure that they are investigated in accordance with the law and IOPC requirements; To advertise the services of solicitors who will undertake no win/no fee cases against the police; To advise the public on how to protect themselves from police misconduct.

I should perhaps add that the role of the police is to prevent and solve crime, not to commit crime and then blame the victim. The moron who wrote the comment does not seem to grasp that simple fact.


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