Website Goes Live

May 25, 2018

This website has been on hold for a few months.  Draft content has been added during that time but was password protected so that it could only be viewed by those who were directly affected.  The reason for holding back was that I was waiting to see if the Police and Crime Commissioner or the acting chief constable would show any integrity, either by investigating my complaint of criminal activity by constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer or by mitigating the effects of the constabulary ripping me off with their lies and deceit.

I realise that was wishful thinking and that dishonesty and cover-up are too deeply ingrained in the constabulary psyche.  Especially disappointing was that David Keane, the Cheshire PCC, actively violated his pre-election commitment to “a fair, open and transparent police service”. I don’t know how he lives with himself after making that commitment and then actively supporting dishonesty and cover-up within the constabulary.  Shame on him.

Accordingly, on 23rd May, content was updated and password protection removed.

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