Was It PC Eoin Anderson?

September 22, 2018

A member of the Cheshire constabulary recently tried to hang himself outside the constabulary HQ in Winsford.  His colleagues took him down and he was taken to hospital.  The press released no name, but I can’t help wondering whether it was PC Eoin Anderson driven to it by remorse or shame.  He was so brazen in his perjury, that I doubt he feels remorse, but he may feel shame at being exposed in this website.  If he does feel shame or remorse, there is one way that he can be free from it forever, and that is not to kill himself.  The way is to apologise to me and apologise to his employers for what he did and take the consequences.  I will of course forgive him if he is sincere and makes amends.  His employers may not be as forgiving, but considering there own culpability in this matter, it would be hypocritical of them not to have him continue in their employment, being all the better from learning from his mistakes.

Is that likely to happen?  No, my personal belief is that he is too much of a coward, and that he will continue to lead a life of guilt, shame and the humiliating knowledge that he is a coward.  Perhaps he will find the strength to prove me wrong, in which case this website will go away and the world will be a better place.

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