Two Scumbags for Cheshire PCC

June 3, 2019

So we have two scumbags declared themselves running for Cheshire Police Crime Commissioner at the next election.  We have incumbent David Keane, just declared, who wasted the best part of half a million pounds on a misguided hearing into misconduct by crooked chief constable Simon Byrne.  Yet he felt obliged, for the sake of the public purse, not to forego a tiny fraction of that amount that the criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer cost me by their perjury.  On top of which he is content for Simon Byrne’s crooked successors, acting chief constable Janette McCormick and chief constable Darren Martland not to investigate their crimes.  You have to ask yourself why the police crime commissioner is happy for criminals to be employed by the Cheshire constabulary without any investigation of their crimes.

The other candidate is David Keane’s predecessor, John Dwyer.  He is the one who appointed crooked chief constable Simon Byrne in the first place and who refused to hold him to account for the devious actions of the professional standards branch in not investigating the gross misconduct of constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer.  But for that, they would not have gone on to commit perjury and I would not have lost thousands of pounds as a result.

So there we have it.  Two scumbags, though I am not particularly fond of the word.  Can anybody think of a better word to describe these two that is not positively obscene?

I did write to the Lib Dems to ask if they had a better candidate but they didn’t bother to reply.  If they are not interested and if the Conservative and Labour candidates are crap, perhaps there will be a worthy Green or independent candidate.  I am not sure if the Official Monster Raving Loony Party will be fielding a candidate, but they would undoubtedly be preferable.  Just anything has to be better than two candidates who support gross misconduct or criminality by the police.

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