Two Faces of Janette McCormick

December 17, 2018

I don’t normally take too much account of people’s appearance, but when they are two-faced like Cheshire acting chief constable Janette McCormick, it is perhaps worth a comment.

The first picture here is Janette McCormick as portrayed on the Cheshire constabulary website . Notice how artfully posed and composed it is. Sweet smile, fringe in slight disarray. And look at those creamy pink flowers  just behind her. This is a masterpiece of niceness and you would not at all think that this is the nasty person who covers up for criminality within the Cheshire constabulary. One presumes that as a senior police officer, she is obligated to uphold the law. Yet the constabulary has declined to take action against crooked cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer.

Which brings us to the second photograph from the Warrington Guardian . No artful posing. No sweet background. Here she is as I would recognise her. Altogether a nasty piece of work. In the accompanying article, she is quoted as saying “It is my responsibility to ensure that I do everything possible to protect members of my team”. What a pity that her protection extends to the crooked cops in her team.

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