August 8, 2018

So the Cheshire police are taking part in a crackdown on speeding: https://www.crewechronicle.co.uk/news/police-crackdown-on-speeding-drivers-14999732 .  I don’t have a problem with that: what I do have a problem with is the alleged need for a “crackdown”.  The job of the police is to enforce the law uniformly with integrity year-round – something that they conspicuously fail to do in Cheshire.

When I lived in Nantwich, I requested the police to enforce the speed limit in the road where I lived.  They gave excuses and didn’t bother.  In fact they were the worst offenders.  While I lived there, the only major personal injury accident was caused by a speeding police driver hitting a pedestrian.  Too much to expect the police to police themselves, I suppose.  There is certainly not much indication that they care much about the laws they are supposed to enforce.  Crooks and hypocrites.

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