Smashed Police Car Windscreen

May 6, 2020

According to Cheshire Live “Police are appealing for information after the windscreen of a marked police car was smashed in Crewe on Thursday night (April 30).”

Fair enough, but then “Sergeant Paul Heatley of Crewe Local Policing Unit, said: “At any time mindless acts of vandalism are inconceivable but given the current situation, any attack on the emergency services is hard to comprehend.””

Sergeant Heatley, added: “This vehicle will now have to be taken off the road which means there is one less police vehicle patrolling the streets, keeping residents of Cheshire safe.”

While not disagreeing that it is an act of vandalism, we think sergeant Heatley shows total lack of imagination and intelligence in thinking it hard to comprehend. Undoubtedly the perpetrators see it as a way of displaying their anger at the Cheshire constabulary which has become a criminal organisation, with profiting from perverting the course of justice, perjury and misconduct in public office. This criminality is sanctioned at the top of the organisation by the chief constable Darren Martland and the police crime commissioner, David Keane, so it can’t be written off as the actions of just a few rogue officers. Make no mistake, criminality is condoned, perhaps even supported, by these people who are responsible for the integrity of the Cheshire police.

Then there is sergeant Heatley’s laughable statement that there is one less police vehicle patrolling the streets, keeping residents of Cheshire safe. If police behaviour is any guide, the residents are safer without the police patrolling the streets, looking for an opportunity to prey on the unsuspecting public. Not to mention the fact that the most serious accident in the road where I used to live in Cheshire was caused by a police driver in a police vehicle. Let’s face it, we are safer all round without the police – they may solve a small percentage of crimes, but those crimes have still taken place, and if they weren’t there, they wouldn’t be committing crimes themselves.

So is it really any surprise that people are angry enough to smash their windscreens?

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