Protect Yourself

July 20, 2018

It is really important to protect yourself when driving for several reasons:

  • Stay alive, avoid injuring yourself and other people
  • To avoid dishonest and fraudulent insurance claims against you in the event of an accident
  • Potential encounters with stupid and/or crooked police – especially in Cheshire but potentially elsewhere

Avoiding Injury

Always drive in a manner that is consistent with the road, traffic and weather conditions. This will probably mean leaving a larger gap from the vehicle ahead so that you have plenty of time to react if they brake suddenly or do anything unexpected. In this regard, don’t just look at the vehicle immediately in front, but keep an eye on what traffic further ahead is doing too.

Obviously drive within the law too if you want to avoid prosecution and keep your insurance premiums down. Unfortunately this is no protection in Cheshire where you may be charged with something you didn’t do and the police will submit false statements and lie about it to make it appear that you did commit an offence. They can do that with impunity as you will see if you look at the rest of this website. Other police forces may be as bad.

Insurance Claims

This is where a DASH CAM really comes into its own. See our page and recommendations on these HERE.

I have more immediate knowledge of a couple of incidents where a Dash Cam would have saved a driver a lot of grief. The first was where a driver was alone driving round a bend quite legally and safely on his side of the road, when a car full of youths came the other way so fast that they couldn’t keep to their side of the road, causing a collision. Nobody hurt badly fortunately, but the youths all swore that it was the other driver on the wrong side of the road, and by virtue of their numbers, their false version of events prevailed. See what a Dash Cam could have done in that situation?

Another was straightforward insurance fraud – the crooks overtook a car, cut in close in front and braked hard, causing a collision. The driver was one person and they were a car load, all suffering whiplash injuries for which they required compensation. The crooked version prevailed. See why you need a Dash Cam?

Stupid and/or Crooked Police

My case outlined here gives another excellent reason why you need a DASH CAM. PC Eoin Anderson, in spite of patrolling the roads for a few years, was too stupid to know basic driving law. So he charged me with an offence that I did not commit, but when his partner, constable Nicola Rimmer, told him that I hadn’t committed the offence, they decided to submit false statements rather than cancel the ticket. If I had a Dash Cam at the time, they would never have got away with it. So you can see that a Dash Cam not only protects you from other people’s bad driving and fraud, but from crooked police too. And I keep hearing more and more stories of people who have been caught by crooked cops submitting false statements. “Jumping traffic lights” is a classic example – if a light changes as you approach it you have to make a split second decision whether to brake hard or keep going.  You decision may be safe and sensible, but if a crooked cop says it isn’t, then you don’t stand a chance unless you have a video record of where you were and what speed you were going at the instant the lights changed to amber.

If you do not have solid evidence, especially if driving alone, you do not stand a chance against the trained liars in the police, especially if you get a judge so apparently prejudiced as judge Richard William Pearce who not only ignored evidence but invented new “evidence” to try to justify believing police lies.  Scarcely credible but absolutely true.