Pronoun Plods

October 24, 2019

So Julie Cooke, deputy chief constable of the Cheshire police, is now rightly being mocked in the Australian press. Her(?) idiocy has become an international phenomenon. The Australian newspaper, published in print and online (, carries an article entitled “Pronoun plods: virtue-signalling police force crosses (thin blue) line” by “The Mocker”, accompanied by the following image.

Unfortunately I am unable to read the whole article because it is behind a paywall and my funds are somewhat depleted after the Cheshire constabulary criminals stole so much from me. The first sentence however can be read and states: “First, an apology to the hardworking police out there, who no doubt are embarrassed by the virtue-signalling, desk-bound superiors we’re about to lambast.” The article clearly refers to her moronic statement on pronouns which you can read about here:

I am sure she is proud of what most regard as utter stupidity, standing there in her rainbow paraphernalia. I am sure that many of the LGBTQ+ community think she is pretty stupid too. Nothing worse than somebody trying too hard to project an image and make a statement — they just become ridiculous caricatures, and that is just what she is.

If she was a proper plod, she would be concerned about crime: investigating it and making sure that appropriate action was taken. Not so; she is happy to let criminals remain in the Cheshire police without any investigation – she thinks it far more important not to cause offence by using the wrong pronoun. Laughable on the one hand and utterly disgraceful on the other. One remembers how Darren Martland, chief of that criminal gang, was delighted at her appointment. He probably still is, since he too thinks anything is more important than investigating criminal cops.

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