December 28, 2018

One has to wonder whether David Keane, Cheshire PCC is quite right in the head (and this is apart from the fact that he thinks it is OK for Cheshire police to commit perjury).

He is for ever bleating about police budgets, but seems to be looking for ways to spend money on relatively low priority items. Absolute madness.

Now, I don’t really worry too much about fox hunting one way or another. Foxes are certainly a menace, but I regard both them and hunters with indifference. Fox hunting with hounds is illegal, but do we really want to spend money, supposedly in short supply, doing anything about it when we could be doing something about crimes against people instead? There are the crimes like perjury committed by the police themselves, such as by crooked constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer, then there are crimes of robbery and violence and murder against people. I really think that foxes, though important, do not merit as much attention as these. Especially when you compare the minimal slaughter of foxes against the greater slaughter on our roads.

Yet stupid David Keane wants to spend more on foxes. Check this BBC News item: I quote:

‘However, earlier this month, Cheshire’s police commissioner urged the government to change the law.

‘David Keane said a review had found “current legislation in the way it is drafted presents challenges to investigators and prosecutors”. He had ordered the inquiry after MPs raised concerns.

‘In January, Chester MP Chris Matheson (Labour) told the Commons “at least four foxes” had been “killed by trail hunts” in the four weeks after Boxing Day last year. A hunt organiser had described the kills as “accidental”.’

This seems to say that David Keane spent money on an inquiry so that he can spend more money, that he claims the police do not have, on investigating and prosecuting laws that many people don’t care about. Note that Chris Matheson, MP states that at least four foxes had been killed by trail hunts in the four weeks after Boxing Day last year. And how many murders and road deaths were there in that same time span? More than four, I am certain. So have these people got their priorities right? And if a crime is committed against you, are you happy to wait for the police to investigate the death of a fox before they pay you any attention? Has the world gone mad, or is it just David Keane and people like him?

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