Preferred Candidate for Cheshire Chief Constable

January 24, 2019

According to the Warrington Guardian, PCC David Keane’s preferred candidate for the role of Chief Constable is Darren Martland.

What is worrying is that Martland is already a member of the constabulary, so may be tainted by the culture of dishonesty and criminality that has prevailed under previous and current Police Crime Commissioners John Dwyer and David Keane, and chief constable Simon Byrne and acting chief constable Janette McCormick.

On the other hand, he has only been with the constabulary since 2017, so may be relatively untainted. Let’s hope so. In the photo he looks pleasant and decent enough, but that can be misleading (reference our Blog post “Two Faces of Janette McCormick“).

I guess the jury is out on this one. We shall find out the truth if his appointment is confirmed.

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