Must Be True!

August 28, 2018

Over 3 months have elapsed since we went live with our news about the Cheshire Constabulary and in particular crooked cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer.  And nobody has come back to us and asked us to change anything because they think it untrue, in spite of the fact that we asked everyone mentioned to tell us if they thought it untrue.  My understanding is that a person has 12 months from publication in which to launch a claim for defamation – but then of course, anything true cannot be defamatory and we are in a position to prove the truth of what we have written.  Some of what is written is opinion, and if the opinion is an honest belief based on published facts, the writer is not liable in the event of a claim.  I should stress, however, that I have not received any objection to any published fact or opinion in this website.  Google Analytics keeps track of visitors to a website and roughly where they are located (a more precise location is possible but disabled here).  And I notice a few visitors in London, which is of course far removed from Cheshire, but home to top lawyers.  Are they checking out on behalf of any of the subjects, I wonder.

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