More PCC Vote Buying

May 18, 2020

I read in Cheshire Live this morning ( that David Keane, Cheshire’s Police Crime Commissioner has been funding a charity to deliver equipment to “vulnerable and neglected children across Cheshire”. I am not arguing with the need.but I think it reprehensible that Keane is using his budget to further his social agenda and gain personal publicity.

Don’t forget that his role is about policing (and the fire service), not about furthering his social (and socialist) agenda at taxpayer’s expense. If he has money to spare, then why not use it to compensate the victims of police crime (which includes myself) and spend a bit of money having police crime investigated, something which has never happened in my case?

The answer? He is just trying to gather the votes of the ignorant in Cheshire to ensure his re-election. Unfortunately the PCC elections were put off until next year, denying the residents of Cheshire the opportunity to get rid of this friend of police crooks and criminals. Hopefully they will be sufficiently awake to get rid of him at the earliest opportunity. Think of it – a police crime commissioner who supports police crime! And who then spreads other people’s money money around just to get his name and face in the papers to further his own selfish interests. Disgusting!

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