More on Fox Hunting

December 29, 2018

More on fox hunting from Cheshire Live

Quoting from the article:

‘Chester Labour MP Chris Matheson tweeted on Boxing Day: “Hunts across the country have stuck two fingers up to the law for far too long, in their desperate desire for fulfilment of sadistic needs. Labour’s announcement of tougher anti hunting laws (and enforcing the ones we already have) is most welcome.”’

The problem for me is that it is the Cheshire constabulary that has stuck two fingers up to the law for far too long. They profited from the crimes of crooked cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer, then covered up and refused to investigate. These crooks should have been sacked but weren’t. Do you like being policed by criminals?

I really think that there are greater concerns than fox hunting.

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