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March 11, 2019

Interesting remarks here from the unpleasant David Keane, Cheshire Police Crime Commissioner. He is quoted as saying:

“Cheshire Police has lost 135 officers since 2010 and in addition to this other public services across Cheshire, including local authorities, have been subject to harsh spending cuts from central Government.

“We have got to ask ourselves the question – is there a direct link between the effects of austerity and the increase in violent crimes on our streets?

“I believe that austerity is killing young people throughout our communities.

“Unless it is stopped, we will continue to see lives unnecessarily cut short. I want the Government to act now and provide an emergency cash injection for all police forces before more lives are lost.”

Do you see what the deceptive man is doing? All to try to make a political point. He starts off by talking about spending cuts – which are obviously not very serious because he had £50,000 to hire a friend’s daughter for a job that went away, and the best part of half a million to put the disgraceful chief constable Simon Byrne on leave and hold a misconduct hearing.

Then he says we have got to ask ourselves a question. Fair enough, let’s ask it. Except he goes on to think he knows the answer, without any evidence at all.

Then, on the basis of his unsubstantiated thoughts, he is absolutely definite that more cash is needed urgently.

This sort of stupidity is why Cheshire really needs to get rid of him at the next election. He and his ilk think that money is the answer to everything, regardless of any evidence, when in reality there are so many ways that the police could do more with less – they have to be one of the most inefficient and ineffective services in existence. Police Crime Commissioners are supposed to ensure that we get good value-for-money policing, yet this one condones police criminality and financial waste. He is an absolute disgrace.

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