More Cheshire Police Stupidity

August 13, 2018

After the website went live, I obviously wanted to be sure that those named were aware of the website and the content. It is also very clear that I want to ensure the contents of the website are accurate and true to head off any possible claim for defamation.

Although reasonably sure that crooked cops Anderson and Rimmer had seen the website, I wanted to be certain. So, not knowing their email addresses, I emailed the Cheshire police legal office to ask that they make all those mentioned, Anderson and Rimmer in particular, aware of the website and to request that I be advised of anything thought to be inaccurate or untrue. Typically, no response from those guardians of crooks and lies.

Then Anderson’s email address was published on the Cheshire police facebook page. So wanting the assurance that he was aware of the website, assurance that the legal people didn’t bother to give us, I emailed Eoin Anderson, with a copy to what I guessed Nicola Rimmer’s email address would be, using the same format.

Next thing, idiot Cheshire police solicitor Sarah Phillips, writes me a letter telling me not to contact the crooks directly, but that all correspondence should go through their legal office. DOH! What does she think I did in the first place? Moron. If they had bothered to respond then, it would have saved trouble all round.

You can see the whole correspondence chain in one multi-page document by CLICKING HERE.

I am not holding my breath on receiving a reply to my questions about whether her actions were ethical. Personally I think not, but probably no point doing anything about it.

So what I am about to do is write a web page with extracts from the Solicitors Regulation Authority website on the Principles and Solicitors Code of Conduct and where and how, in my non-legal opinion, I think Sarah Phillips was in contravention. As always, I shall be open to correction if I inadvertently write anything that is incorrect or untrue. So far, nobody has questioned the truth of the website contents.

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