Looking for New Cheshire Chief Constable

November 17, 2018

I was reading in the Warrington Guardian that David Keane, Cheshire Police-Crime Commissioner has started the recruitment process for a new chief constable to replace the odious Simon Byrne.

David Keane said: “Cheshire Constabulary is a top performing police service which has consistently achieved positive ratings from HMICRFS and has what I believe to be the best group of police officers, staff, specials and volunteers in the country.”

Why does he believe that when they cover up for crooks like constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer? Why does he believe that when the so-called professional standards department fails to investigate complaints of gross misconduct? Why does he believe that when their legal department submits known false statements to the courts? Either he has his head in the sand or else he is a downright liar or else he believes that other police forces are even worse, because that is the only way the Cheshire lot can be best. He really is despicable.

Here are more of his quotes in the Warrington Guardian:

“As the county’s police and crime commissioner, I am fully committed to ensuring that Cheshire remains one of the safest counties in the country and I am looking for an exceptional individual who shares this vision.”

“The new chief constable must have the passion and necessary skills to work with me to establish a policing culture which promotes innovation, is compassionate to both our residents and its staff and seeks to make the most out of our highly valued partnerships.”

“Policing is more challenging and complex than ever and I need a chief constable who recognises this and is able operate effectively in an environment of diminishing resources.

“The new chief constable must be up for that challenge and must be committed to delivering the best police service for our residents and the communities of Cheshire.”

So, lots of nice words, but all totally meaningless.  Note that he makes a commitment, but if you read about his previous commitments, you will realise that he only makes commitments when he thinks it will be to his advantage but that he has no record of keeping to them.  He wants the new chief constable to be committed too – which presumably means that he wants the candidates to say they are committed in the interview, but ignore their commitment when selected, just like him.

You will notice the one thing that is NOT a requirement for the new chief constable, and that is INTEGRITY, because that would go against the established culture of the constabulary, which is one of lies, deceit, cover-up. If any potential candidates are reading this, they will know not to make the mistake of coming across as having any integrity during the interview.

If, by some mischance, Keane recruits someone of integrity, it will be interesting to see whether he/she does anything about crooks Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer. I shall certainly ask the new recruit his/her opinion on the matter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the new person actually does something right so that I can wrap up this website. But I am realistic enough not to expect it.

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