Julie Cooke Again

October 17, 2019

So Julie Cooke, deputy chief constable of the Cheshire police, is telling us the official police line (according to the way she told us, reported in the Spectator) that we must respect the personal pronouns that each individual prefers. I don’t personally have a problem with that, though we have always had a gender neutral pronoun “it” and I don’t understand why it is not used. After all, it used to be commonplace to ask about a baby “What is it?” when enquiring as to its gender. Until the political correctness brigade got into it and stupidly thought that “it” had to be a thing and could not be a person of unknown or unspecified gender.

What is seriously concerning is that he/she/it is wasting time being politically correct on a non-criminal matter, when there are criminals going free in the Cheshire constabulary, not to mention all the other crime being committed in Cheshire. I refer of course to criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer who have enjoyed the protection of the whole constabulary right up to the chief constable, Darren Martland. I still cannot comprehend how a chief constable can tolerate criminals under its command, but perhaps they watch their pronouns, making it ok.

Cooke of course is the cop who goes around adorned in rainbows to show how lovely, politically correct and open-minded it is. A pity that its alignment with criminals appears as strong as its alignment with the LGBTQ++++ community.

One should also mention the sacking of Bob Fousert from his role as chairman of the Cheshire police and crime panel. His crime was to ask the crooked police crime commissioner David Keane about Cooke’s adornment “Do you consider such an overt, political statement to be appropriate for a senior officer to wear given the police should be seen to be impartial in all it does and what message do you think this sends to officers and staff in terms of integrity, leadership and objectivity as espoused by the constabulary’s code of ethics?”

It is actually not a bad question. Is it right for the police to show themselves aligned with any “community”, religious, cultural, sexual or anything else, where there are strong and deeply held opposing views? Might a devout Christian or Muslim cop be upset and offended by such an overt display? Would they worry about their career prospects if their views became known? Would they be allowed to wear overt religious symbols on their uniforms, including lanyards?

Bottom line, Julie Cooke is a hypocrite. Mustn’t offend people with unwanted pronouns, but offending people’s religious beliefs is fine, as is protecting police criminals. Yuck.

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