Janette McCormick

October 18, 2018

NOTE: The contents of this page are true and published because they are in the public interest.  My opinions are clearly stated as such and should not be taken as fact.  My opinions are formed on the basis of my observations and some are my deductions based on what I saw, read and heard.

Janette McCormick, Acting Chief Constable of the Cheshire constabulary, stands up in favour of criminals within the Cheshire police.  Her lack of action clearly expresses her desire to protect criminals within the ranks and her total disinterest in maintaining police integrity.  Is this what you want from your police?

So there you have it.  I am personally surprised that someone who presumably aspires to a top job in policing so firmly aligns herself with criminals and ensures that their crime is not investigated.  Perhaps you naively think that the police are there to protect the public and uphold the law.  The Cheshire police are only there to protect themselves from the law.  So we have constables at the bottom breaking the law and then we have ex-chief constables like Simon Byrne and acting chief constables like Janette McCormick at the top, making sure that these criminals are protected.

I think we all know that Simon Byrne is a pretty nasty bit of work, but my assumption was that his acting replacement would have an ounce or two more integrity.  So when I submitted my complaint about the criminal acts of Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer to her directly, I thought that she might launch an investigation.  Not so, she tossed it over to the so-called professional standards branch, presumably with a directive that they quash it, which they did.

I wrote her a final letter about the matter on 6 September 2018, to which I received no response.  From this we may deduce that she is content to have criminals within the police ranks and that she is going to do nothing about them.  To my mind, that makes her as crooked as them.  I just cannot imagine what sort of senior police officer harbours and protects criminals within the ranks.  These are people sworn to uphold the law.  Unbelievable.