Janette McCormick and Ethics

March 13, 2019

We recently pointed out the irony of Janette McCormick being appointed to the College of Policing as Assistant Chief Constable.  Irony because the college is responsible for, and publishes, the policing Code of Ethics which is something that she appears to know nothing about considering her multiple violations of the code.  We shall be adding a record of her violations to her page as time permits.

Final irony, I was looking at her Twitter account and noticed that she tweeted an article on “Ethical Leadership”!  Unbelievable – here is someone who ignores the ethical code to which she is subject, and she tweets an article about ethical leadership.  Then I reflected and realised that in my career in industry and business, I have come across many managers and leaders like that.  They get all excited about some management/leadership concept and think how wonderful, but they are totally incapable of relating it to their own performance and have no idea of how to implement those concepts into their way of thinking and working.  So here we have Janette McCormick all excited about ethical leadership and she still doesn’t have a clue.

There are of course a number of definitions of ethics, all meaning pretty much the same thing.  One I quite like is the first that came up in an internet search: “moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity”.  So, considering any professional ethical code, and in particular the policing Code of Ethics,  how can covering up for, and protecting, criminal police be considered ethical?  Police criminality at public expense is self-evidently unethical.  For Janette McCormick, in a police leadership role, to cover it up is not just unethical but an absolute disgrace.  When she parted company with the Cheshire constabulary, she should have parted company with the police for ever, not moved to the College of Policing where there is a grave risk that she will influence others to follow her version of policing ethics.  It is people like her who bring policing into disrepute.

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