Is John Armstrong a Criminal?

June 17, 2019

In my view, superintendent (retired) John Armstrong of the Cheshire constabulary is a criminal, guilty in my view of misconduct in a public office. Basically as head of the so-called professional standards branch of the Cheshire constabulary he was content for my complaint against criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer to be improperly investigated and he improperly handled the appeal, knowing that the complaint had not been investigated, whereas the allegation was of gross misconduct and the appeal should have been referred to the IPCC (as it then was)

He is an absolute disgrace. He was in the position of ensuring police integrity, yet displayed none himself. More staggering, he was thought to be an “expert” on the subject. Which shows that knowing and doing are quite different things. He might have known about police integrity, but didn’t “do” integrity himself.

I would have thought it a good day for the Cheshire police when he retired, but it seems like he had ensured that the constabulary was without integrity for the future. It is plain to see that they are still a bunch of crooks in the way that they protect the criminals in their ranks.

This really is the problem when senior staff set a bad example – it becomes the norm and, in the case of the Cheshire constabulary, we end up with a criminal organisation.

The problem with these lying, bullying police is that they get away with it. The IOPC in my experience is utterly useless and the police know that and are consequently a law unto themselves. They are utterly disgusting.

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