Interesting Case Study – Cheshire Police Incompetence

February 12, 2019

I have been studying details of case information supplied to me by a reader. He reported crimes committed against him to the Cheshire police who totally failed to follow procedure. The result? First off the criminals were not prosecuted because the Cheshire police failed to gather evidence that they easily could have if they had done things properly. The victim of these crimes was treated improperly by the police, causing him a lot of distress on top of the crimes committed against him. Then, quite rightly, he submitted complaints against the police officers who didn’t do their jobs the way they were supposed to. So the Cheshire police had to spend resources investigating those complaints, and of course they didn’t do that properly either because their sole aim is to try to downplay complaints and look for excuses to reject them. So that led to an appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC, now superseded by the Independent Office of Police Conduct – IOPC). The IPCC upheld complaints that the Cheshire police rejected and called for more significant action against one of the officers who performed badly.

This is just so typical of the Cheshire constabulary in my experience. They are dishonest and incompetent, so criminals escape justice and resources are totally wasted. They are always bleating about budget constraints, yet they throw time and money away by incompetent performance. They should be ashamed, but they aren’t – they are brazen in defending their abysmal performance and ineffectiveness and protection of criminals. It seems like they just don’t care. What does it take to make these people do their jobs properly and to perform competently and honestly? They spread the myth that policing is hard and dangerous when in reality they spend most of their time hanging around and doing nothing useful, and then when they are called upon to do something, they don’t bother to do it properly. Utterly pathetic.

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