How Much Money Does Cheshire Constabulary Waste on PR?

October 23, 2018

I was just reading in the Knutsford Times of 22 October that Cheshire constabulary is supporting Get Safe Online Week. Seems to me that they are not adding any value because the article is all about what is doing. All you need to know is on that website and in the press, so this is just another example of Cheshire constabulary wasting a bit more of your money without adding any value.

They were out in force wasting money at Chester Pride too. How much did that cost? And what was the point? We know they are legally required not to discriminate, so are they spending money to make it appear that they don’t? Just like their constables are legally required to tell the truth when testifying in court, but they don’t, and then the senior ranks cover up for their criminal behaviour.

It would be better PR if they were honest and showed some integrity rather than putting on a show and pretending that they are good people. It would be cheaper too.

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