David Keane Misguided Again

June 19, 2019

The despicable David Keane, Cheshire’s police crime commissioner shows his stupidity yet again. He is calling on the police and crime panel chairman, Bob Fousert to resign because he expressed an opinion that a rainbow lanyard was political and that a senior officer should not wear it.

I am not saying that Mr Fousert was right or wrong, but I would say that it was a legitimate opinion that had no significant effect on anybody or anything. But Mr Keane, so anxious to prove his inclusive credentials, makes a big deal of it, whereas on the other hand he is content for a member of the public to be robbed of thousands of pounds by the criminality of cuntstables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer. Which do you think is the bigger issue?

What it comes down to is that David Keane will do anything that will get him publicity that will be favourable in the eyes of some constituents, but will do nothing about police integrity. If this jerk is re-elected next year, then we will have to conclude that the majority of the population of Cheshire is gullible or moronic and they will get the police and the police crime commissioner they deserve.

This despicable man hasn’t even apologised for wasting the best part of half a million pounds on his stupid misconduct hearing on Simon Byrne, ex chief constable. Last I heard, he was making excuses and blaming it on advice he received. He really has to go.

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