David Keane Lies Again

October 19, 2018

Cheshire Police Crime Commissioner David Keane has just issued his annual report for 2017-18.   It is full of the usual lies like “As Commissioner, I am committed to representing victims and I am continuing to invest heavily into services to support victims across Cheshire.”.  He does of course neglect to mention that this does not include victims of police crime who will be made to suffer to the full extent possible.  Still, what do you expect from the man who wrote “I will commit to a fair, open and transparent police service” prior to getting elected, then did the exact opposite.  He is not quite the decent and honest man that he would like you to believe.  Yes he is as guilty as anyone of making sure that my complaint about the criminality of crooked cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer was not acted on.  David Keane is a despicable man who will say anything to get elected and to hang on to a job he doesn’t deserve.  He claims to hold the (acting) chief constable to account, but she keeps criminals in the constabulary without a peep from him.  How is that holding her to account and giving the people of Cheshire the police they deserve?

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