David Keane Hypocrisy Again

September 9, 2019

I was just reading about David Keane meeting an offender whose life was “turned around” by restorative justice. The meeting took place when Keane visited the organisation he commissioned to provide restorative justice services in Cheshire.

Rank hypocrisy! If he believed in restorative justice, he would have criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer apologize to me and reimburse me the thousands of pounds I lost through their criminality. That way, they wouldn’t carry the burden of knowing that they are cheap criminals underneath their facade of “upholding the law” and the constabulary would no longer have the shame of having taken thousands of pounds from an innocent member of the public through their criminality.

This is what is so galling. You get people like David Keane, chief constable Darren Martland and the rest of the Cheshire constabulary pretending to be the good guys on the side of law and order, when they are cheap crooks.

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