David Keane – Cheshire PCC

May 23, 2018

NOTE: The contents of this page are true and published because they are in the public interest.  My opinions are clearly stated as such and should not be taken as fact.  My opinions are formed on the basis of my observations and some are my deductions based on what I saw, read and heard.

David Keane, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, is more concerned about saving less than 0.01% (yes, that is a mere one hundredth of one percent) of the police budget than he is about police honesty and integrity!

Has he got his priorities right? Is it right that a pensioner should have to pay over £14,000 to the Cheshire Constabulary because two crooked police officers went to court and lied and some compliant judge made the mistake of believing them? Essentially legalized theft, and David Keane backs it all the way.

The irony of this whole thing is that it would have cost the police less to be honest in the first place. The whole thing of the crooked police constables submitting false statements could have been settled when I submitted a formal complaint against them. Properly investigating the complaint would have settled the matter, but the so-called “professional standards” department of the Cheshire Constabulary appears not interested in upholding professional standards but in rejecting complaints with as little work as possible. They completely violated the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) guidelines for the investigation of complaints because they were headed up by Superintendent John Armstrong (page to be added). He has now retired, but I have yet to see any evidence that they have improved their dishonest performance.

Why would it have cost them less? Well, I appealed judge Pearce’s ridiculous ruling to the High Court, where it was heard by Sir Alistair MacDuff. Sir Alistair is way more astute than Pearce (let’s hope that Pearce never makes it to the High Court) and was in no doubt that I told the truth and that the police lied. Sadly, that is not sufficient to uphold an appeal. More about that to be added elsewhere. Anyway, the constabulary’s barrister as soon as the appeal was not upheld, jumped up and asked for their additional costs for the appeal of about £4,000 to be awarded against me. Sir Alistair declined to make a costs order, so the Cheshire police are £4,000 out of pocket. Well, being honest would not have cost them that much in the first place and they would not have swindled a pensioner out of £15,000 (or much more if you consider my expenses on top of theirs). And if the police had not got so lucky as to have Pearce judging my claim, they would have been substantially out of pocket.  So they don’t really care about protecting public money, just about protecting their image.  What a pity they got away with it.

We have a very skewed system. I have displayed honesty and integrity in this matter and am substantially out of pocket. Two crooked, I believe criminal, police constables still have their jobs, knowing that their “superiors” will back them to the hilt when they commit further dishonest acts against the public. What sort of message does that convey? I bet they told their colleagues how they got away with it, so don’t expect too much integrity if you encounter the police in Cheshire. Fortunately I no longer live there. The Cheshire police doubtless see this as a victory. I see it as absolutely disgusting.

I had hoped that David Keane, PCC for Cheshire, would make up for the lack of integrity in the police for which he is responsible. I asked him not to enforce my payment of the police costs that Pearce so nastily awarded them. No such luck. Here is his letter showing how mindful he is of his responsibilities to protect public money, so he cannot spare 0.01% of the police budget to offset the dishonesty of his police. Or to put it another way, the population of Cheshire is about 700,000, so the cost in public money would be just over 2p per person. A low price to pay for faith in the integrity of the police and in the integrity of their Police and Crime Commissioner. And of course he is ignoring the fact stated above that it would have saved public money if the Cheshire police had behaved honestly in the first place. Here is the problem, if the person at the top does nothing about the lack of integrity, you are not going to get any.  Keane, Byrne and the current acting chief constable, Janette McCormick all  fall short.  And this lack of integrity is going to continue to cost more and reduce the efficiency of the police.  Perhaps they should just drop the “and” out of Keane’s title.

I would recommend that every citizen stop listening to the incessant bleating of the police about their budgets and start expecting that they maintain, or even reduce, their budgets by operating efficiently and with integrity.  DO NOT VOTE for any PCC candidate who does not commit to leading such a change.

David Keane is totally untrustworthy!  He has broken a clear commitment made before election to “a fair, open and transparent police service”. See what he wrote HERE. He has not only failed to keep that commitment, he has actively avoided keeping it by supporting police dishonesty and cover-up.

David Keane doesn’t even have the excuse of having to prioritise.  We know that there are pressures on our elected representatives to carry out the many measures necessary to serve their electors.  But in this case, Keane didn’t even have to do anything other than tell the chief constable to shape up and do his job properly and honestly.  Having failed to do that, all he had to do was tell the acting chief constable to shape up and do her job properly and honestly.  So why is he so pathetic?  Or is it apathetic?  He couldn’t be clearer in his commitment, yet he cannot even take a few seconds to tell someone to do their job.  Far from being “fair, open and transparent” under David Keane, the Cheshire constabulary is unfair, secretive and opaque, not to mention crooked.  David Keane is an absolute disgrace and the electorate should sack him as soon as they get a chance.  He seems no more concerned about his own honesty and integrity than he is about the constabulary’s.  A shameful performance.

What about David Keane’s handling of Simon Byrne’s alleged misconduct?

Assuming that there is any substance to some of the allegations against Simon Byrne, and with what else I know, there is plenty of reason to get rid of Byrne from the role of chief constable.  The evidence is that Byrne is unsuitable for the job because of lack of leadership skills and lack of integrity – both major failings in a chief constable and grounds for dismissing him or asking him to retire.  Instead, Byrne is suspended pending a hearing into his alleged gross misconduct, presumably still drawing his salary for sitting on his backside.  This, together with the misconduct hearing, can only be a waste of public money when he could be gone.  And what happens if Byrne is not found guilty of gross misconduct?  Does Cheshire get this unsavoury individual back as chief constable?  Looks to me like another example of Keane being pathetic, not confronting the man or the issues but hoping that a misconduct hearing will get rid of Byrne for him.

David Keane has so far declined to comment on what I have written about him, even though I have expressed a willingness to review anything he thought untrue or unfair.  That offer is still open.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is supposed to ensure that the public get efficient and effective policing.  David Keane doesn’t cut the mustard.