David Keane After Your Money Again

January 21, 2019

Interesting piece in the Winsford Guardian about Cheshire police funding. (https://www.winsfordguardian.co.uk/news/17369360.opinion-who-is-to-blame-over-police-funding/)

Basically PCC David Keane bleating again about needing more money. The interesting points worth noting are:

“The problem is this is the same David Keane who filled the £50,000-a-year position of deputy commissioner with the daughter of family friends in the face of accusations of nepotism and stinging criticism from the Cheshire Police and Crime Panel.

“Then, 12 months later, he decided he didn’t need a deputy after all and axed the post as part of a ‘restructure’.”


“Then we come on to the sad case of the former chief constable Simon Byrne who was the subject of a long-running and very costly disciplinary hearing.

“The bill for the hearing – at which Mr Byrne was cleared of all charges – cost somewhere in the region of £350,00 plus the £100,000 salary cost of Mr Byrne’s suspension.”

In other words, Keane is happy to waste your money and wants even more of it so that he can carry on doing so. All this on top of condoning police criminality.  It really is time to get rid of him.


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