Darren Martland, Chief Crookstable?

June 15, 2019

Darren Martland has placed himself firmly on the side of crooks and criminals in the Cheshire constabulary, confirming that the constabulary is indeed a criminal organisation.

You might wonder, as do I, why the chief constable (chief crook?) is content to have a member of the public robbed of thousands of pounds by the actions of criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer, and content to employ criminals within the constabulary. Yet that is how he is. Add to that, he is content to have senior officers lie, saying that the actions of the criminal cops have been “investigated thoroughly” when there has never been any investigation.

I had hoped that the new leader of the Cheshire crookery (sorry, constabulary) might have more integrity than his predecessors, but he is just as bad. It is obviously a waste of time to expect any honesty and integrity from this lot. Darren Martland hasn’t been at the constabulary very long and I have no idea whether he was crooked when he arrived or whether he succumbed to the Cheshire constabulary ethos.

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