Crooked Chief Constable

May 28, 2019

The new chief constable of the Cheshire constabulary has just joined the ranks of the crooked cops.  As stated elsewhere, if we take the definition of a criminal organisation as one that profits from its crime, then the Cheshire constabulary is a criminal organisation, having at the very least profited from the crime of PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer.

The new leader of this criminal organisation is Darren Martland.  Now I had obviously hoped that he would be honest and upright and not tolerate being head of a criminal organisation.  So I asked him to have their crime investigated, in the hope that they would be suitably punished and I would be suitably reimbursed for the losses I suffered as a result of their crime.  Instead, I find that he is just as crooked as his predecessors and content for those criminals to get away and continue to be employed enforcing the law.  How disgusting being policed by criminals and crooks.

What is surprising is that heading up a police force does not require integrity.  I am beginning to wonder whether lack of integrity is in fact a requirement for promotion to the senior ranks.  His crooked predecessor Simon Byrne has just been appointed chief constable of the Northern Ireland police service.  This is just disgusting, but it makes you wonder.

If you count acting chief constable Janette McCormick, that means three crooks in a row heading up the Cheshire constabulary.  I am quite relieved not to be living in Cheshire any more and I shall certainly minimize my time there and try to avoid driving through it.

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