College of Policing Takes Crooked Cheshire Cop

February 11, 2019

The College of Policing is the professional body for police in England and Wales.

One thing they do is issue the Code of Ethics which police are supposed to follow. So you would think that anybody assigned to the college would be someone who knows, follows and obeys the Code of Ethics. The code is based on 9 principles: Accountability, Integrity, Openness, Fairness, Leadership, Respect, Honesty, Objectivity and Selflessness. Looking at the detail of the code, it is pretty obvious that anybody who covers up for police criminality, at the expense of a member of the public, does not comply with the code and is therefore, in my parlance, crooked. So I was a bit surprised when I read that Janette McCormick, recently acting chief constable of Cheshire was gong to a new assignment at the College of Policing. Surely their responsibility for the Code of Ethics should mean that all their staff must abide by it?

According to Cheshire Live ( her tweet was pretty sick-making:

“My last day @cheshirepolice after 9 years ACC, DCC and CC, the best force in the country (but I am biased)! Looking forward to new role @CollegeofPolice. Leaving incredible place, partners, communities and staff, thanks to all for their support #lovepolicing.”.

I just don’t see how a constabulary that condones criminality at public expense can be “the best force in the country”.  I don’t see how an acting chief constable who refuses to investigate allegations of criminality against her staff, in spite of all the evidence, can claim to have any integrity. Obviously my calling her crooked is a personal opinion, but how else would one describe a police officer who covers up criminality by other police officers, contrary to the Code of Ethics? I quote an expected behaviour from the code: “I will report, challenge or take action against the conduct of colleagues which has fallen below the standards of professional behaviour”. Unless of course she thinks that perjury is in fact a proper standard of professional behaviour. That says a lot about her and the Cheshire constabulary.

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