Chief Constable Simon Byrne

May 23, 2018

This web page is published in the public interest. The facts are true. I have evidence to substantiate the facts and the allegations made. It is in the public interest that these matters are brought to light, especially when there is a cover up by all levels in a police force up to and including the chief constable and Police and Crime Commissioner.  My opinions are clearly stated as such and should not be taken as fact.  My opinions are formed on the basis of my observations and some are my deductions based on what I saw, read and heard.

This is written in May 2018 and the chief constable of the Cheshire Constabulary, Simon Byrne has been suspended since August 2017. A public disciplinary hearing was due to be held in Warrington from 16 April to 27 April 2018, according to BBC news.  It has been adjourned while he tries to get the hearing stopped.

The allegations listed there, if true, show that he is a pretty nasty bit of work. My own experience is that he is crooked in the way he performs, or doesn’t perform, his duties. For the good of Cheshire, I hope he gets sacked.

My experience is that he violated the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC – now superseded by the IOPC) guidance, and I believe the law, on managing complaints within the Cheshire Constabulary. His job is (was) to ensure that complaints are investigated. Well he did nothing to ensure that my complaints against crooked Constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer were investigated according to the law or the guidelines. The so-called investigator was Inspector Richard Hill (page to be added), who also totally violated the IPCC guidelines. And my appeal against his decision was dishonestly rejected by Superintendent John Armstrong (page to be added), who was obligated to refer it to the IPCC because of the severity of the allegations involving criminal conduct, but he dismissed the appeal himself also without any sort of investigation ever having been conducted.

So we have a crooked Chief Constable, Simon Byrne, who is responsible for the crooked head of the Professional Standards Department, John Armstrong, who endorsed the improper report of Inspector Richard Hill.

What did Simon Byrne have to say about the performance of these crooked underlings? He wrote this: “Inspector Hill considered he had sufficient evidence from your letter of complaint to understand the nature of the allegations you made about the conduct of the officers. I am satisfied Inspector Hill’s actions in determining the outcome of your complaint were properly reviewed and taken into account by Superintendent Armstrong.”

What is wrong with that? It is dishonest and ignorant. The job of an investigator is to INVESTIGATE to establish all the facts and all the evidence, not just stopping at “sufficient evidence … to understand the nature of the allegations”. Ridiculous! Suppose somebody beat you up and you told the police the name of the person who beat you up. What would you think if the police just told you that they understood the nature of your allegations against that person and never spoke to you to ascertain the facts and evidence you possessed? Then spoke to that person and decided to take no action because that person said they didn’t beat you up. That is an exact parallel – Inspector Richard Hill is so lazy, dishonest and/or corrupt that he dismissed my complaint without speaking to me or, as far as I can tell, carrying out any investigation at all. Well, Simon Byrne thinks that is OK. Do you?

Then Simon Byrne is satisfied that Inspector Hill’s actions were properly reviewed and taken into account by Superintendent Armstrong. Well then, he is easily satisfied and complacent about the fact that my appeal was not referred to the IPCC as it should have been, on top of an “investigation” which violated nearly all the significant IPCC guidance.

But if you have a crooked Chief Constable, you are going to get a crooked police force. He has to go. Fortunately Superintendent John Armstrong is gone, because this so-called expert on police integrity has no integrity that I can see. I don’t know what Inspector Richard Hill is up to, but if he is still employed, one can only hope that it is not for much longer.

Had my complaint been investigated honestly, I would not have made my claim against the Chief Constable for malicious prosecution, As you will discover elsewhere in this website, I had a solid case but did not take into account that I would get a judge like Richard Pearce whose judgment is, in my view, an absolute disgrace. At best incompetent in its mistaken and selective analysis of the evidence, at worst, positively evil.

Byrne filed a defence against my claim, with a statement of truth, which he knew to be a lie. But that is what you expect from someone like that. I hope to be able to say “Good riddance” in the not too distant future.

Simon Byrne is currently under suspension, accused of gross misconduct.  I hope he gets sacked and I think he would have been gone already if David Keane, the Police and Crime Commissioner wasn’t so pathetic.