Cheshire Police Waste More Money

February 25, 2019

Interesting article at concerning looking for a man spotted cycling naked.As one person commenting on the article pointed out, this is perfectly lawful and they inserted a link to the college of policing briefing note on the subject.

So why are the police wasting our money following up on someone where there is no indication of illegal activity? Don’t they realise that there are real crimes that need dealing with, not least those committed by themselves? Here they are, forever bleating about inadequate budgets and strained resources, yet they have time and money to investigate somebody not reported breaking the law. Go figure.

Are you going to stand for this at the next Police Crime Commissioner election? Both the Conservative candidate, John Dwyer, and the Labour incumbent, David Keane, have proved themselves woefully inadequate for the job. Is someone of integrity prepared to stand for the job and stand up for the public?

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