Cheshire Police to Axe Numbers

October 12, 2018

I was just reading in the Chester Standard that “Cheshire Police could be forced to axe 250 front-line police officer roles”.  They wrote:

“Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane and Acting Chief Constable, Janette McCormick released In a joint statement this morning (Thursday, October 11).

“In it they say that the cuts will have a “significant impact on the availability of front-line resources and on the delivery of operational services to the public of Cheshire”.”

My view is that they should start by investigating the false testimony of crooked cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer and sack them for gross misconduct, if not launch legal action against them.  That will be a lot cheaper than buying staff out with redundancy pay or early retirement packages.  It is our money that they are wasting and that is why police budgets need to be cut – these people need to learn how to run a police department efficiently and honestly instead of wasting money.

We are still waiting to hear how much the Simon Byrne fiasco cost.  He was suspended for about a year, presumably on full pay for doing nothing, while there was an investigation and hearing, several times delayed, on alleged gross misconduct.  He is a nasty bit of work any way you look at it and Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane could have got rid of him right away but was too pathetic and timid to do so.  So he took the expensive option and wasted a whole load of money.  OUR money.  Yes, police budgets need to be cut until these people learn some responsibility and manage the budget effectively and efficiently.

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