Cheshire Constabulary Mentally Ill

September 20, 2019

So the Cheshire constabulary is increasing mental health support for front line police officers, as recorded in Runcorn and Widnes World . The article is accompanied by this photo of the two happy people, David Keane and Darren Martland,

who are so content to employ criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer and to have a member of the public ripped off thousands of pounds because of their criminal perjury. And these crooks are running policing in Cheshire! Makes you sick.

What these two low-lifes don’t realise is that mental well-being in the workplace is a simple combination of factors, namely:

  • Doing a worthwhile job,
  • Taking pride in doing the job well,
  • Meeting high expectations,
  • Working in a good team.

So why is the Cheshire constabulary so mentally sick that its members try to kill themselves? Well, we all agree that much of what they do is worthwhile, but much of it is a complete waste of time to no benefit to anybody. This needs to be fixed so that everything they do is worthwhile.

Do they take pride in doing the job well? Certainly criminal constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer have nothing to be proud of. Their crime cost a member of the public thousands of pounds and they will never get closure. They will always know they are scum. If their bosses had had the decency to reprimand them before they committed their crime, then everybody would have been happy and they would have been able to have some self-respect. They will never get closure because crooked chief constables and police crime commissioners have decided that nothing should be done about their crime. Will they go to get counselling? Unlikely, but of they do, will the counsellor tell them the only way to get closure is to admit their crime? Unlikely too. There are plenty of other people named in this website who certainly don’t take pride in their work – doing slipshod work and making no effort to do the right thing.

Meeting high expectations? Not a chance. Their management knows they are mostly a bunch of losers and covers up their misconduct and crime. Where is the satisfaction in knowing that your bosses don’t care what you do or how you do it and will cover up for you?

Working in a good team? Well, no. Those few who want to do a good job are hampered by working with useless colleagues as well as criminals. Who wants unreformed criminals alongside as they try to enforce the law. It makes a complete mockery of the police force.

So David Keane and Darren Martland don’t care. They are well paid for not caring and letting things go to rot. All they have to do is spend more public money on mental health counsellors and they don’t have to bother getting to the root of the problem – which is their management style (or lack of it).

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