Cheshire Constabulary Dishonesty

June 13, 2019

When I began this website, my primary aim was to let the public know how dangerous the Cheshire police are and how you need to be in your guard and take precautions to protect yourself when you are in Cheshire.

The problem is their complete lack of honesty. Not just that criminal cops PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer submitted false statements for my prosecution for a motoring offence that I did not commit (and for which I was never convicted), and their later perjury, but that they have subsequently been protected by all levels of the constabulary up to and including chief constables, Simon Byrne, Janette McCormick (acting) and now Darren Martland, and police & crime commissioners John Dwyer and now David Keane.

If my allegations against these people were false, you can be certain that one of them or the constabulary would have sued me for defamation. An action for defamation has to be brought within 12 months of publishing something defamatory. Well, most of my accusations were made over 12 months ago and I have not been sued. You can therefore take everything that I have written as true. PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer are criminals. They have been protected by senior officers up to and including chief constables. So do you feel safe in Cheshire? No criminal has ever done me more harm than the crooks and criminals in the Cheshire constabulary.

What is sickening is that these senior officers not only shirk their duty to investigate police misconduct and crime, but that they lie about it too. The latest example is an email from Darren Martland’s aide, Inspector Leeroy Moss, at the instigation of their “professional standards” department (a misnomer if ever there was one) that the matter of criminal PCs Eoin Anderon and Nicola Rimmer had been investigated thoroughly. This is a barefaced lie. Their initial gross misconduct, submitting false statements for my prosecution, was never investigated – the so-called investigator, Inspector Richard Hill, only spoke to their sergeant, never spoke to Anderson and Rimmer, and never spoke to me to hear my evidence, and wrote a report exonerating them. The equally crooked head of professional standards, superintendent John Armstrong, covered up for all of them, even though he knew that the investigation and report was crooked.

Subsequent to the gross misconduct of PCs Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer, they committed perjury in my case against crooked chief constable Simon Byrne. They got away with that thanks to the idiocy or bias of the worst judge in England and Wales (Richard Pearce). I can provide plenty of evidence of their perjury, which is why they haven’t sued me for defamation, but the crooks of Cheshire constabulary refused to investigate.

So we have one non-investigation of gross misconduct by inspector Richard Hill, and one refusal to investigate criminality – and they tell me that the misconduct and crime of Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer have been investigated thoroughly. Barefaced liars.

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