Cheshire Conservatives Lost It

January 23, 2019

The Cheshire Conservatives are just plain stupid, they have just announced that John Dwyer will be their candidate for the job of Police Crime Commissioner at the next election.

He is absolutely useless and the evidence would point to him having no more integrity than Keane, maybe even less.

Dwyer appointed disgraced and crooked chief constable Simon Byrne

Dwyer was content for the professional standards branch of the Cheshire constabulary to exonerate criminal cops Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer without investigation

Then there is the fact that Dwyer has a police background.  That, plus his performance above, gives reason to believe that he will not properly represent the public in matters where the police act against the public interest, as they too often do.

So it looks like we have two absolutely terrible candidates for the role of PCC – the incumbent David Keane who is just plain useless, and can’t be trusted because he condones criminality by the police, and Dwyer who has a track record of uselessness and condoning police misconduct too.

Is there anybody of integrity out there who can run for this position?  Anybody but Dwyer and Keane.

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