Buy a Dash Cam

July 8, 2018

Protect Yourself

Almost the first thing I did after these crooked police lied about what I did was get an on-board camera, commonly known as a Dash Cam.  You have probably heard advice to get one to protect yourself from insurance fraud scams and to provide evidence when you are involved in an accident that is not your fault.

Who would ever have thought that you absolutely must have a dash cam to protect yourself from the police?  These people who claim to be overworked and under-staffed have plenty of time to lay false charges backed up by their lies.  Someone I know was given a ticket for jumping a red light.  As we all know, it is a judgment call when you are close to a traffic light and the light changes to amber.  You have to instantly assess the traffic behind and the effect on them if you stop sharply, especially if they are thinking that you will carry on.  But often if you make a valid judgment to continue, the light will be red before you are fully across the junction.  This friend was in just such a situation, but the two cops in a car back from him decided to charge him.  What could he do but plead guilty?  An individual has no chance against two trained-liar cops.  But if he had a dash cam, it would have been a different story.

It would have been a different story if I had a camera too when Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer decided to lie.  Lesson learned.  You absolutely cannot rely on the police to be truthful and you need protection from them.

The essential for any dash cam are: good quality video, sufficient recording time, the ability to prevent over-writing of critical segments of video and of course easy interface with a computer or smartphone to transfer, store and edit your video.

Nextbase 312GW

The camera I bought was a Nextbase – the older version of the fantastic model here on the left (CLICK on the image for more details).

This has given me excellent service for about 4 years.  I have been using a 32GB micro SD card with mine and that provides loads of recording time of high quality video (depending on what resolution you use)

This is a market-leading dash cam thanks to its connective capabilities and ease of use. It reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK.

It features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to download footage to a smartphone before easily sharing it with friends, family or insurance company. After using the Wi-Fi to connect to an iOS or Android device, the Nextbase app becomes your personal mobile store for footage you want to keep and share.

This camera has a ground-breaking “Powered Magnetic Click&Go Mounting system” which uses magnets and powered touch points in the mount, allowing the dash cam itself to be free from wires, making instant removal and re-refitting simple and quick – the ultimate in convenience.

The 312GW also features super fast GPS, allowing you to track your journey and pin point exactly where an incident happened and the speed it happened at – potentially critical in an insurance matter.

Crosstour Mini In Car Dash Cam CR700

Here is another great camera at a lower price point than the Nextbase.

Its Full HD 1080P function can provide you great picture quality and excellent night vision, cars’ number plates as well as street signs can be clearly captured during day and night.

It has an ultra wide viewing angle of 170°, so you can capture more of what is gong on around you – can even cover 4 lanes of traffic.

Using the cigar lighter socket to provide power, the camera will automatically start seamless loop recording when the engine is started.   Its built-in G-sensor can automatically detect a sudden shake or collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten. In addition, you can press the power button to manually lock files during video recording when there is an emergency or other sudden condition.

For extra security when parking, you can hardwire the camera so any subjects moving within 3 meters can be recorded. And video recording is automatically stopped if there is no object movement within 10 seconds.

Altogether a well-featured camera at a great price.


A dash cam is really some of the best insurance you can buy.  You may be lucky and not need it.  Or you may be up against crooked police like I was, or insurance fraudsters, or an irresponsible driver who involves you in an accident.  It might even capture on of those people who damage your car while it is parked and then sneak off without leaving their contact details (yes, there are some nasty people around – the police don’t have an exclusive there). PROTECT YOURSELF!!