Are The Cheshire Police Teaching Criminality?

October 21, 2019

I was just reading in online “Warrington Worldwide” ( about 29 police constable apprentices starting a degree programme which sees them divide their time between studies at the Warrington Campus of the University of Chester and policing across Cheshire.

One of the problems I see is that you have people like crooked ex-inspector Richard Hill lecturing at the University of Chester. This person has no concept of integrity, diligence or doing his duty. People like this should never have been in the police and should never be teaching others about policing. How can someone with a record of covering up police misconduct be trusted to teach anyone about policing? How can someone who thinks it is acceptable for the police to make false statements be trusted to teach anyone about policing? How can someone who thinks that a thorough investigation is talking to someone who talked to someone who denied committing an offence be trusted to teach anyone about policing?

It seems to me that there are two major requirements of policing. One is to prevent crime and the other is to investigate crime so that justice can take its course.

Richard Hill fails on both counts. He is too lazy and/or too stupid and/or too dishonest to conduct an investigation. As mentioned above, his idea of investigating misconduct is to talk to someone who talked to the offenders who denied the misconduct. He never, as was required, spoke to the victim who had collated the evidence of the misconduct, never visited the scene of the “crime” to know that what the perpetrators said could not possibly be true. And he recorded that as an investigation!

The net result was not to prevent crime but to encourage it, the exact opposite of what he should have been doing. Because crooked constables Eoin Anderson and Nicola Rimmer got away with making false statements, thanks to scum Richard Hill, the matter that could have been settled there and then, went to court. And there the crooked constables turned into criminals by giving untrue evidence under oath. They committed perjury.

Is this seriously the sort of person you want teaching our police?

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