May 23, 2018

If you want the official Website of the Cheshire Police, click HERE. If you want to know why you should be cautious in your dealings with the Cheshire Police, stay here.

The Cheshire constabulary is a criminal organisation, by which I mean they use crime to misappropriate money from the public and they protect the criminals within their ranks.  You have been warned.


I am no longer maintaining this website and it will disappear when the hosting and domain names run out.

Several things have happened that led me to this decision. First, it is evident that the Cheshire constabulary is irredeemably criminal and crooked. I have no legal recourse that I am aware of, so these matters will not go to court unless they were to sue me for defamation. And they will not sue me for defamation because they would lose – I have no problem proving that they are crooks and criminals and that I am therefore writing the truth. So we have reached an impasse – I can’t take them to court and they are too crooked to risk taking me to court. They prefer me advertising that they are crooks and criminals to the alternative of having it proved in court, and possibly having to compensate me.

The fact that they effectively stole my money through their criminality does not bother them. They are above the law, thanks to crooked judges like Pearce and the fact that the IOPC are lazy or gullible enough to believe the constabulary lies.

Another thing that has happened is that God has seen fit to more than make up for my financial loss. It is clearly His will that I should not waste time on these people. I should let them go on their crooked way and forget about them. The Lord’s prayer is quite specific about this – it requests “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us”. Like most people, I have things for which I request forgiveness. I don’t suppose these crooks and criminals will request forgiveness, but if they do, they have it. In the meantime that nest of vipers can go their way and I will go mine and hope to have nothing more to do with them.

Just to summarise, these are the criminals:

  • PC4226, Constable Eoin Anderson and PC4524, Constable Nicola Rimmer.  They perverted the course of justice and committed perjury.
  • Miles Dignam of the Cheshire police “professional” standards branch who committed perverting the course of justice and/or misconduct in public office.
  • Ex-inspector Richard Hill who committed perverting the course of justice and/or misconduct in public office.
  • Ex- superintendent John Armstrong who committed perverting the course of justice and/or misconduct in public office.

And these are the crooks:

  • Judge Richard William Pearce.  Not officially an employee of the Cheshire constabulary.  A crooked judge who manipulated and invented evidence so that he could rule in favour of the police.
  • Darren Martland, Cheshire chief constable who claims that police perversion of the course of justice is unacceptable but does nothing about it.
  • Janette McCormick, acting predecessor to Martland, did nothing about criminal constables Anderson and Rimmer.
  • Simon Byrne, chief constable when Anderson and Rimmer committed their first crime.  He filed a false statement of defence when sued.
  • Alison Ross, head of “Professional” standards.
  • Sarah Phillips, crooked solicitor who violated solicitors’ standards of behaviour.
  • David Bryan, force solicitor, who appears to have been guiding Sarah Phillips and who has subsequently advised the constabulary on maintaining their dishonesty.
  • David Keane, Police Crime Commissioner, who has totally failed to hold the chief constable to account for criminality within the Cheshire police.
  • IOPC.  Clearly not independent and clearly dishonest in their rulings in favour of the Cheshire police.