May 23, 2018

If you want the official Website of the Cheshire Police, click HERE. If you want to know why you should be cautious in your dealings with the Cheshire Police, stay here.  In my experience they have no qualms about employing crooks and going to great lengths to protect them.  At the time of writing the Chief Constable is Simon Byrne – currently under suspension and one hopes soon to be dismissed.  He lacks integrity and has to be held responsible for the lack integrity in the constabulary, as does the current acting chief constable Janette McCormick.

NOTE: The contents of this website are true and published in the public interest.  We spend a huge amount of money on the police, so that they will protect us, not thinking that we need protection from them.  Sure, we know that they shoot people and people die in custody.  But those people are not us and we think we are safe. But Hillsborough gives us some insight into police incompetence and criminality.  Jean Charles de Menezes was shot and his only “crime” was to wear a back-pack and run for a train.  Ian Tomlinson was going about his lawful business when he was struck by a police officer, shortly after which he died.  And these are only a few of the many examples of ordinary citizens being killed or injured through police action.  You will not be safe from the police until they clean up their act, and there is no sign of that happening, certainly not in Cheshire.

My problems started when I was charged with a Traffic Offence that I did not commit.  So you would think that would not be a problem – the police witnesses would describe what I did, it would be agreed that it did not actually constitute the offence with which I was charged and that would be the end of the matter.  Except that the police constables involved, PC Eoin Anderson and PC Nicola Rimmer lied in their statements for the prosecution.

They lied carelessly – they did not check the facts, so I was acquitted, but not until after I had suffered a lot of stress and anxiety.  The police behaviour was by any standards gross misconduct, so I made a formal complaint to the Chief Constable, Simon Byrne, thinking that he would have some interest in the integrity of his service.  Not so.  He passed my complaint over to Superintendent John Armstrong (now retired, fortunately, but that is no guarantee that his replacement has any integrity) and he and his staff deliberately flouted the IPCC (now IOPC) guidelines on how complaints should be handled.  I am not sure if Armstrong’s actions were illegal, but they were certainly dishonest.  So no surprise when they rejected my complaint and subsequent appeal.

So I made a claim against the chief constable for Malicious Prosecution.  It should have been an open and shut case – the police said that I did something impossible, so their statements could not be true, and all the evidence was that I did what I said that I did.  Except two things happened – One: My claim was heard before His Honour Judge Pearce; Two: The police claimed their impossible statements were a “mistake” and Pearce not only believed them but invented the “evidence” that showed I could not have done what I did.  Go figure.

So I am substantially out of pocket.  The only good thing about it is that I have a lot of good experience on the handling of complaints against the police, on how to deal with prosecutions when you can prove that the police are lying, and on how to handle a claim against the police for Malicious Prosecution.  Admittedly my experience comes from failure, but it enables me to fill this website with good information on how to handle these things.

I would be interested to hear from other officers of the Cheshire Constabulary about how they feel about working with criminals.  Do you believe that you all have to stick together and that criticising one is criticising all?  Or are you upset that these criminals give you all a bad name and you would like them out of the job?